Due to the rapid increase in mobile telephony in recent years and its global spread by the increasing amount of radio signal transmission systems in residential areas, as well as the steadily growing number of electrical devices in living rooms, the question arises frequently in the extent to which low-frequency, radiofrequency or alternating electromagnetic fields are negatively influencing the human organism. So far, new reports have been available on possible health impairments, but at the moment there is no clear scientific evidence of possible risks. As of now it is the individuals responsibility to shape the personal environment accordingly. Contact us, we will help you to find the causes and eliminate them with the following focus:

  • low-frequency electric alternating fields
    (wherever alternating voltage is applied, e.g. sockets, light switches…)
  • low-frequency electromagnetic alternating fields
    (e.g. in the case of current-flowed cables, transformers …)
  • radiofrequency electromagnetic alternating fields (how they arise, for example, in mobile radio transmission systems)

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